Vildštejn Castle

Romanesque chapel

The Romanesque chapel is the oldest part of the castle, the first written mention of the chapel dates from 1166. The chapel is still used for wedding ceremonies. Here you will see exhibits found during the reconstruction and a statue of the Holy Trinity borrowed from the local parish priest. The wooden steps that lead down to the chapel are 800 years old. They were filled with bull's blood, which was formerly used as a preservative. The most significant archaeological find is the remains of a woman over 280 years old. They were found here in 1987, buried in a stone mine.

Royal Hall

Once the most important room where important guests were received. Banquets were held here and important documents were signed. On the walls of the king's hall you can see hunting trophies from Mr. Pumra's game. Mr. Pumr bought the castle as a ruin in 1999, reconstructed it and opened it to the public in 2001. Here you will also find photos of all Czech monarchs, from Prince Borzyvoj I to T.H. Masaryk on his favorite horse Hektor.

Today, this hall with a capacity of up to 100 people is used for celebrations, meetings, teambuildings and banquets.

Knight Helmfeld's bedroom

The Helmfelds were the owners of the castle in the first half of the 19th century. The furniture you see here comes from antique stores and warehouses. It is furnished to match the time when this family lived here.

Museum of firefighting equipment

In the local museum of firefighting technology, you will find exhibits loaned by the local fire brigade. Most of the exhibits date from the second half of the 19th century. For example, the ladder that was used to extinguish the fire in the National Theater in 1881 is interesting. The most important exhibit is the American flag that belonged to one of the firefighters who died in the largest rescue operation in New York after 9/11/2001.